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Wooden Boat Building: E-Book Classics

This guide provides information on characteristics of wood, wood-working tools, joinery, and wood materials and engineering. Special topics such as birdsmouth masts are also addressed.

Boatbuilding Classics - Digitized E-Books

Google Book Search

Google scans the full text of many books (out of copyright protection) and stores them in its digital database.  You can search this database using keywords and click on a result to view pages from the book.  You will also find publisher's and bookseller information as well.  There are limitations, but the Google Book Search may be just the tool you need to find a book related to your research topic. (April 2016) Google continues to win copyright lawsuits that affect the amount and type of published text they can offer in digitized format to the public.  This amount will increase ... stay tuned.

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