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Management in the Marine Industry: Finding Articles

BUS115 (I)

Scholarly, Peer-reviewed Articles

What makes an article scholarly or peer-reviewed? 

Description:  Common characteristics of scholarly articles found in peer-reviewed journals:

  • Articles are written for the professional in the field using the language of the field
  • Articles are supported by many reference citations
  • Peer-reviewed journals have minimal advertising and graphics
  • Scholarly articles are selected through a peer-review or jury process
  • Articals often present evidence based on scientific inquiry

What is the peer-review process?

Process:  Peer-review (Juried) Process - Description

  •  Article is submitted to a jury of peers for review and comment
  • Article may be returned to author for additional analysis and revision
  • Article may be rejected
  • Published article provides quality, credible information

How to find an article ...

EBSCO Research Databases  

Do you need the username and password for EBSCO access, let me know

  • Click on the EBSCO Research Databases link.
  • Select (by checking) the database that best suits your needs.  For example, if you are looking for articles on project management or management theory, you would select (by checking) Business Source Complete, MasterFile Premier, and perhaps Academic Search Premier.  Scan through the list, there may be other databases that are relevant to your search.
  • Click on Continue.
  • Type in your keywords, such as project management or management theory
  • Scroll through the resulting articles and click on the title of an article to read it, print it, save it to a thumb drive, or email it to yourself for future reference.

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