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Management in the Marine Industry: Welcome

BUS115 (I)

BUS115 Course Description - Part I

The marine industry domain is broad and varied, ranging from small marinas to large yacht manufacturing facilities.  This course will focus primarily on boatyards and marinas; however, many of the regulations and principles apply across the marin industry domain.

Fundamental to managing projects in the marine industry is a keen understanding of the industry as a system and the internal and external entities that affect its operation.  In this course, these four areas of knowledge - jobs and practices, regulations and the science that supports them, boatyards andmarina management, and occupational health and safety - are the keel of the course content.

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BUS115 Course Description Part II

 Technical  project success is predicated upon delivering the project on schedule, within budget, and within specifications to a customer or sponsor.  Delivering marine industry project success requires expertise in the relevant industry domain as well as industry enterprise awareness (i.e. how does the industry function) and skills in project management and leadership.  In this course, these three areas of expertise enterprise awareness, project  management, leadership – are the keel of the course content. 

Brightwork -- A Best Management Practices Manual for Maine's Boatyards and Marinas

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