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Yacht Design: EBSCO Alerts

using orca

What is an EBSCO Journal Alert?


 You can set up a journal alert for a professional journal and EBSCO will send you an email notification when a new issue is published.  You can even have links to the full-text of the journal articles in the alert!  Directions for setting up an alert are below.

Creating an EBSCO Journal Alert

Sign in to your web-secure EBSCO account 

  • If you haven't created an account yet, it is easy.  Just click Sign In at the top of the EBSCO screen and create your own password-protected area.

Find the journal page

  • For example, if you want to create a journal alert for Beyond Behavior, first find the database that carries that journal. 
  • Beyond Behavior The journal is about classroom management so I'll check the Education Research Complete database first.  To do this, Go to the page where the database titles are listed.  Cick on TITLES under Educatin Research Complete.  
  • Go to the 'B' or type in Beyond Behavior.  When you hit Enter, you will come to a page of information about Beyond Behavior.  Note that this is the page that tells you the publisher, how often the journal is published, if it has full text available, etc.

Set the Alert

  • Click Alert/Save/Share which is near the top of the page in a blue bar.
  • Create an E-Mail or RSS alert by following the directions. 
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